Where fashion meets comfort

Here at LuLaRoe, we’re working to positively impact
people’s lives – from those producing our apparel,
to those selling and/or wearing it.


LuLaRoe aligns with global businesses who share our vision to develop ethically produced pieces, while protecting the resources and people producing them. The production facilities utilized by our suppliers and sources, honor our values of sustainability, community, and honest practices—while taking part in socially responsible product development. Ensuring compliance with international labor laws, they honor all non-discriminatory health and safety practices within their facilities—while observing environmental standards and operating according to LEED certified qualifications.

Just as LuLaRoe instills a feeling of community, confidence and sustainability within Independent Fashion Retailer and Consumer values, we embody the same throughout our manufacturing process.




LuLaRoe is committed to ensuring our products are made under ethical and environmentally responsible conditions. This includes our manufacturing partner’s policy to prohibit the use of human trafficking and slavery in the production of its apparel.

To ensure this policy is enforced throughout the supply chain, the facilities utilized by our suppliers and sources recognize the following disclosures pursuant to the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act:

  • They engage in verification of product supply chains to evaluate and address risks of human trafficking and slavery.
  • They require certification from direct suppliers that they, their subcontractors and their material suppliers comply with applicable laws regarding human trafficking and slavery.
  • They have informed our suppliers that we expect reports from independent, third party auditors to substantiate all certifications.
  • They maintain internal accountability standards and procedures for employees and contractors who fail to meet company standards on human trafficking and slavery.
  • They train employees directly involved with the supply chain on identifying and mitigating the risk of human trafficking and slavery in the supply chain.


The production facilities utilized by our suppliers and sources consciously take part in efforts to reduce the massive amount of waste and pollution generated from the textile industry. Given that 5% of all landfill space is textile waste, it was eye opening to learn that 95% of the textile waste landfilled every year is recyclable. In an effort to transform the way apparel is produced and distributed, the production facilities utilized by our suppliers andsources take part in the Recover® upcycled textile system, turning textile waste into valuable new yarns for many life cycles using a low-impact process.

By recovering and recycling used fabrics for yarn, Recover® eliminates the need for dye-processing and uses almost zero water in its production—saving over 42 billion liters of water per year. The Recover® process is pesticide-free and fertilizer-free, generating almost zero greenhouse gases. In fact, 50% of the energy used to recycle and spin Recover® yarns is generated by solar power. LuLaRoe is proud to align with suppliers and sources whoutilize facilities taking part in Recover®; making steps toward a change for the planet—with a positive impact on future generations.

Environmental data courtesy of MyDyer, Textile Exchange, NRDC, EPA, UNESCO and Universitat de Valencia. See more from MyDyer.