Robert Loll

Robert Loll
Lawyer General Counsel

Robert Loll serves as General Counsel for LuLaRoe, one of the largest social retailers in the United States. He is also a principal in the law Firm of Floratos, Loll & Devine located in Mission Viejo, California, where the firm has represented LuLaRoe since 2013.

As General Counsel, Robert brings over 30 years of legal experience to LuLaRoe. He oversees all legal transactional matters for the company, including administrative and legal compliance, contract creation and review, and other non-litigation matters. In his role, he monitors, reviews, strategizes and advises the Executive T.E.A.M. regarding legal organizational structure, formation of entities, and preparation of inter-company contracts for the business. He’s also responsible for reviewing outward facing communications, legal documentation and interpretation of company
policies regarding Independent Fashion Retailers.

Robert is a graduate of Pepperdine University School of Law and a founding member of the Firm of Floratos, Loll & Devine since 1988. In his private practice before becoming General Counsel for LuLaRoe, Robert was responsible for management of the firm’s transactional department and his areas of practice included corporate and business entity law, corporate and business finance, securities, mergers, acquisitions and business recombinations.

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