Noall Knighton

Noall Knighton
Chief Financial Officer

Noall is the Chief Financial Officer of LuLaRoe, one of the nation’s fastest growing fashion brands. He helped grow the business into a $2 billion company in under five years, making it the largest social retailer in the United States.

Noall leads LuLaRoe’s financial strategies and has a proven track record of building value for the company. He oversees cash flow, accounting, risk management, human resources and directs financial planning and services across operations, product development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. As excitement in the LuLaRoe brand continues to surge and orders keep pouring in, Noall’s nimble accounting department keeps stellar track of payments and expenses. Transactions are paid weekly to thousands of retailers and the sheer volume of invoices managed is incredible.

Noall has established a reputation of creating innovative solutions to expand the business. Along every stage of growth, he stays focused on reinvesting profits into the company, and helps the T.E.A.M. stay grounded.

Noall earned his MBA from the University of Utah. He has an exemplary background in strategic management, operations, business development, acquisitions and divestitures, loan packages, financial structure, investments and corporate growth. Prior to his role with LuLaRoe, he founded a business management-consulting firm, worked as an investment banker, as an entrepreneur, buying, selling and developing growing businesses.

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