John West

John West
Chief Supply Chain Officer

John West is the Chief Supply Chain Officer at LuLaRoe, the largest social retailer in the United States. He’s responsible for all of the storage and distribution of product for one of the nation’s fastest growing fashion brands. As excitement for the brand continues to swell, his team handles the receiving, processing, curating, and shipping of one million LuLaRoe pieces a day.

John ensures Independent Fashion Retailers receive their custom, highly coveted orders in a timely manner. He’s built LuLaRoe’s supply chain from the ground up, and is constantly incorporating new technologies, such as the RFID system the business currently utilizes, to help him oversee the storage and accountability of 50+ million pieces of LuLaRoe product. He also manages a warehouse support team that handles all shipping inquiries, missing orders and missing item tickets.

As a retired United States Army Captain, John demands 100 percent effort from his team to achieve the highest possible warehousing and distribution standards. His 1,700 person staff is located across the country in three strategically located sites, including LuLaRoe’s manufacturing center in Fontana, California, their West Coast distribution center in Corona, California, and their East Coast distribution center in Blythewood, South Carolina.

Prior to coming to Lularoe, John served as the Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain for a corporation headquartered in Providence, RI where he was responsible for worldwide freight transportation, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.

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