DeAnne Stidham

DeAnne Stidham
President and Co-Founder

DeAnne Stidham, LuLaRoe’s President and Co-Founder, is poised at the helm of one of the largest social retailers in the United States. In just five years, she has successfully launched LuLaRoe into the marketplace, steered the fashion company to achieve unprecedented growth, and scaled revenue to become a two billion-dollar brand, all while paving the way for thousands of first-time entrepreneurs to build their own small businesses.

DeAnne comes from a long history of entrepreneurism. She also comes from a large family and as the second youngest of 11 children, she learned that hard work, sacrifice and service are essential requirements in producing lasting results. DeAnne has used this experience and spent decades marketing to women, finding success selling fun, fashionable products at in-home pop-up shopping parties. Little did she know that this would begin to lay the foundations for what would later become LuLaRoe. It was during this time that DeAnne learned an important lesson: if you want to be someone who gets things done, act like you already are. This self-empowering idea crystallized in her mind and directly led to her accomplishments.

In addition to having her own business, DeAnne had long dreamed of one day creating her own clothing line. At her daughters request, she created a Maxi skirt for her and to their surprise, orders started pouring in from friends. DeAnne and her husband, LuLaRoe CEO Mark Stidham, realized they were onto something with the demand for DeAnne’s designs.

The ethos of LuLaRoe was born out of DeAnne’s desire to share her experiences with others, give others the ability to provide for their families and the foundation for personal success. In May 2013, Mark and DeAnne founded LuLaRoe and together they have been redefining the apparel industry ever since, with a focus on creating women's, men's and youth offerings designed in small batch prints and patterns to create a "unicorn search" among consumers seeking their limited edition favorites. With the help of their family and friends, the husband/wife duo have built a vast network of Independent Fashion Retailers dedicated to bringing the style, comfort and simplicity of LuLaRoe to homes throughout the United States. The brand's popularity is tied to a contagious culture and the creative design of each style to complement all body types and sizes, with a product that caters to the growing modest fashion movement — a market segment that is estimated to reach over $400 billion worldwide by 2019.

Back home in Southern California, DeAnne is a devoted working mom and grandmother. She’s experienced so much in her life and this helps her relate to women. One of her top priorities is making sure women love their shopping experience and feel good about who they are. She inherently knows what they will love wearing, and this informs all facets of her business. DeAnne also focuses the work she does alongside her family to produce leadership events that provide training tools to build successful businesses. As a leader, she enjoys making personal connections, motivating LuLaRoe’s Independent Fashion Retailers, and setting the stage for families to achieve their dreams through entrepreneurship. DeAnne uses the same strategies and instincts that she had while building her own business, and continues to lead the company from the core values it was founded on – love, purpose, confidence, trust and growth.

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