Stemming from an extended family with 100 years of entrepreneurship, Mark and DeAnne Stidham were inspired to follow in the footsteps of their heritage.  This legacy began when DeAnne’s great-grandfather, William Startup, opened his first candy business in Manchester, England.

Relocating to Utah in 1895, William’s grandson created the first filled candy bar! Due to its exciting popularity, this tasty treat was such a hit, even landing itself on luxury cruise liners! Along with the first filled candy bar, they created Magnolia Candies and several confections that included Coca-Cola as part of their ingredients. The Startup Candy continued to flourish and is still operating today.

Moving to the early 1900’s, DeAnne’s grandparents operated a full service wedding catering business to the Hollywood stars. It was at this time, they began a one-of-a-kind gown boutique; creating  a one-stop-shop for their clients.

Fast forward to today, a number of William’s 22 grandchildren continued in his footsteps and followed the business model he established.

From contractors, to artists, to entrepreneurs and visionaries—the family legacy of creating quality products is a spirit that will continue to be passed down through the family.